Property management with Red Frog

We are experience residential and commercial landlords with 25 years of hands on knowledge of commencing and operating successful tenancies. Property management is our fortify, we own and operate properties throughout Bury, Rossendale and Hynburn.

Our work

We have a great advantage over most letting agents, our core experience is that of successfully letting residential property as landlords. This means that we ‘get it’! We know what a landlord wants and needs from a tenancy. This is because we can identify with your concerns and stresses. Using this vast experience, we can help to avoid many of the pit falls that a landlord can fall into.

    Rent collection

    Prompt payment to you

    Monthly statements

    Regular property visits

    Protection of tenant’s deposit in the appropriate tenancy deposit scheme

    Emergency out of hours’ service for your tenant(s)

    Very reasonable management fees

    Voids to a minimum

We specialise in the following


Red Frog Group Communication and Individual

Communication is essential in our business and we will make every effort to speak to you whenever and however we can. Whether that is by post, phone, text, WhatsApp, email or Skype. One tried and tested tool we use for our own portfolio is an online thread where we safely store all our property notes which can be accessed and edited by you. More info on this tool can be found here. If you have any questions, call us on 0330 999 0160, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Being a small, local company we can provide our clients with piece of mind, that we take each contact personally and the management of your property and accounts are meticulously reviewed and overseen. Each portfolio is individual to us so we can customise our service to suit your needs while supporting you through the more difficult times. We offer real value for money and appreciate the pressure constantly in place especially in today’s highly regulated market place.

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