How to build a Beer Table, RedFrog Style

Let’s build something RedFrog Style!

Summer 2017 was hot. So while the weather was hotter than France we were asked if we wanted to help add some garden furniture in the form a beer table to a friend’s flat in Worsley Mill after a completely successful bench building exercise in 2016.

He had this in mind and this is what we achieved.

Here is how.

We hadIMG_20170409_145435 managed to legally source two beer barrels, a pallet and some chip board from the surrounding area. We checked out another pile of rubbish nearby and after having a good look through we found some good solid bits of wood for the actually tops of the tables.

So we got to work. At first we tried wedging the lengths of wood into the barrel rim but couldn’t get anything to hold substantially. We decided on a sit on approach as a more achievable outcome. We chopped the lengths down to 3 different sizes and did some technical edge anThe beginnings of the our beer tablesgling to get a fancy shape for the ends of the wood. Then spaced the lengths of wood out so it was comfy for the bum and cups wouldn’t fall through but water could pass easily. All 5 lengths were joined together with two smaller bits of scavenged wood underneath and a screw at each end to hold it tight.

And voila the beer table(s)!

All done, the final piece, seat and/or table

All done, the final piece, seat and/or table

Beer Barrel table or chair, which ever takes your fancy.

P.s The BBQ did actually happen, its not just there for show.