Planning for our New Project

Did you know we have took on a large space on The Rock, in Bury?

Let just say its our biggest project yet. Newtons of Bury has been established for over 100 years and have been in the same location for close to 100 years. After many years of service nationally and internationally the business is wrapping up. Leaving 4,000 sqft of space for us to create a spectacular working environment for the #freelancers #self-employed, #startups, #students and #coworkers out there!

What is co-working? What is does an office hub involve? Below is an overview of our co-working and office community which we have proposed…

151   The   Rock,   Bury.   BL9   0ND

Our proposal   is   to   convert   the   existing   ground floor   shop   into   a  selection   of   offices,   meeting   rooms   and   dedicated   coworking   space;   and   redevelop   the  upper   floors   into   dedicated   office   space.    The   vision   for   the   development   is   to   create   a   community   of   entrepreneurs,   start   up  businesses   and   like-minded   individuals   in   the   centre   of   Bury,   by   providing flexible   offices  and   coworking   space   that   address   the   changing   nature   of   working   life.   It   will   be   a   place  where   people   can   meet,   discuss,   collaborate   and   take   their   business   ideas   further.   In   this  way   we   hope   the   environment   could   be   a   real   asset   to   Bury   town   centre   and   the   local  economy.
The   coworking   space   will   be   a   shared   working   environment,   which   is   more   informal   than  serviced   offices.   It   addresses   the   changing   dynamic   in   the   way   small   businesses   work   and  want   to   use   office   space,   by   providing   flexibility   in   floorspace   on   a   pay-as-you-go   basis,  without   commitment   of   long   leases.   It   is   a   response   to   the   changing   nature   of   working   life   in  the   digital   age,   with   an   increase   in   freelancers,   self   employed   and   business   startups   all  looking   for   places   to   work.
We   are   proposing   a   change   of   use   from   shops   to   offices,   but   keeping   the   essence   of   retail   –  with   the   active   street   frontages   and   ground   floor   spaces   open   to   the   public   that   the  coworking   space   provides.    We   believe   that   a   change   of   use   to   offices   in   this   particular   location   is   suitable   because   it  would   enhance   vitality   and   viability   of   the   area   by   providing   a   complementary   and  appropriate   use   to   the   surrounding   retail   shops,   will   provide   facilities   for   local   community  needs,   and   diversify   the   office   typology   currently   on   offer   within   Bury   Town   Centre. In   the  proposal,   the   design   and   appearance   of   the   retail   frontage   will   remain   as   it   currently   is,  including   the   large   street   level   windows   and   the   “Newton’s   of   Bury”   signage   that   is   already  in   place.   By   doing   so   we   hope   to   conserve   the   traditional   town   centre   character   and   retail  street   frontage,   and   maintain   a   link   with   the   historic   use   of   the   building.   Internally   the   ground   floor   use   is   proposed   to   be   co-working   space   along   the   street  frontage,   the   nature   of   this   space   combined   with   the   facilities   provided   will   bring   increased  activity   to   the   display   windows   and   maintain   consistency   with   the   surrounding buildings.
So there we have it, that’s our vision for Newtons of Bury in Bury, Greater Manchester. Have any questions or want to get involved? Drop us an email at and we’ll come back to you