Tenants with Red Frog

Red Frog Group manage the property that you live in. This can include arranging repairs for any issues you report, keeping the property tidy, in good working order and visiting the property on regular basis. We also manage your tenancy, collect monthly rents and help end a tenancy if you decide to leave. We know how important your home is, so we will ensure any issues have minimal effect on you.


Red Frog Fees

– £25 Pre-arranged but missed appointments
– £50 Lost Keys
– £30 Returned cheque fee
– 8% Late rent payment
– £30 Breach of tenancy letter
– £30 Copy of tenancy (if lost)
– £20 Cleaning fee
– £80 Removal fee
– £25 Tenancy termination††
– £24 Landlord reference
– £24 Restoration of property

Interest of 8% above the bank of England base rate will be charged for the period where rent is outstanding.
†† A tenancy termination involves us attending the property to check the condition based on the original inventory and scheduling the repayment of the deposit.

Full Fee Details

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