What is going on with the balcony?

The Flat, our office community based just outside Bury’s town centre, Greater Manchester had a luxury roof top garden but with the success of Harmony Entertainment, a local music school based at The Flat, more space was needed to accommodate this growing business.

I remember brainstorming several ideas including a chalet being built within the roof top area. This developed into a conservatory being sat within the boundary in a similar manner. But with both still requiring planning permission there was nothing stopping us building a fully fledge extension. 2017-03-31 15.09.52

Screenshot 2017-06-18 18.47.29




Planning came through late May so we demolished the balcony quick time and work started with the delivery of most of the materials from Jewson’s being dropped off on to the driveway. We lifted all of these with a nifty bumpa lift which made life so much easier.

We will be erecting the walls through the last weeks of June and hope to have the room completed and occupied my mid/late July.

We hope to minimise disturbance to the driveway and Woodhill Street by only temporally occupying the driveway with material before we lift it up and out of the way so parking can continue.