What the RedFrog does differently?

Here at RedFrog we use modern tools to provide a transparent service to our landlords and tenants and that’s what we think is different to some traditional estate agents.

Red Frog Group was created to fill an empathy and trust void produced between estate agents and a hard working, busy property investor. With my own properties, network of angels and educators I have harvested experience of so many and now have some years experience under my belt that I know what a property investor is up against, how to combat issues in the early stages, how to proactively keep on top of jobs, keep the cash coming in. I know some of the signs of an unsavoury character when they walk through the door, as I have had the unpleasant experience of meeting and housing a few of them. That means that we can make the empathetic and educated decisions in the interest of the property and the owner. This also goes on to form our working pattern, we don’t have structured hours and we always try to be available via some communication means, we know what it is to be an entrepreneur, the long and flexible hours.  That is what we offer to our property investors – trust, transparency and empathy.

Our transparency comes from some of the pieces of software we use.

Our Tools


We use Dropbox for a lot, but one brilliant tool they brought out last year was DropboxDropbox Paper. We keep all our records, journals if you like, on Dropbox Paper, every property, every event securely stored online. The best thing, if you are one of our landlords, you share this information with us, you can access the feed and leave comments and new events as you like. True transparency and passive knowledge as the information is there when you need it. Check out our sample thread here.

Arthur Online

Arthur Online is new to our software arsenal, we originally ran Landlord Vision but found that we didn’t take whole heartedly to this piece of kit. Although the software was fine and price competively and we had no issues with it directly, we didn’t take easily to the design of the dashboard and it never enticed to use it more and more. Arthur Online has a much more diverse dashboard with a more substantial tenant, contractor and landlord user side.


FreeAgent is a cloudmark-a08c6c36-based accounting product that we use to run our books. Again, like Arthur and Dropbox its cloud based! Its simple, yet effective, this allows us to keep an eye on all the rents, when they are due, when they are over due and the all important cash flow.

All in all this makes RedFrog Group a formidable cloud based software using machine. Our approach is transparent and passive. Your information is easy to get to and use at any time of the day or night. Want to log a job? Login into your Arthur Online account. Need to know when the leaky tap was fixed on that property three months ago? Head to Dropbox Paper and scroll through the thread to find the dairy entry.

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